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Simon Burnett

Diploma Remedial Massage

Diploma Kinesiology

Bowen Therapy (Bowtech)



My journey in Complimentary Health began in 1999 when I studied for a Diploma in Remedial Massage. I had always been passionate about health and fitness and specifically wanted to work in a sports related industry.


Remedial Massage was a great introduction to anatomy, physiology and the healing arts.


In my quest to be the best practitioner I could be, I realized that I needed a more holistic approach to clients' issues that  incorporated Body, Mind and Spirit and encompassed Eastern philosophies of the bodies energetics. My research and intuition ultimately lead me to Kinesiology. In 2006 I completed a Diploma in Kinesiology and enrolled in as many workshops available in the related field.


I believe I now have a substantial tool box available to me to make a difference to the clients that seek me out for a huge range of issues.



  • Diploma of Remedial Massage

  • Bowen Therapy modules 1-4 (Bowtech)

  • Diploma of Kinesiology


Workshops completed

  • Law of 5 Elements Acupressure Applications

  • Neural Organisation Technique

  • Advanced Acupressure

  • 7 Chi Keys

  • Stress Indicator Points (SIPS) 0 - 4

  • Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program ( LEAP ) 1 -4

  • Leap Learning

  • Sports Kinesiology ( DR Charles Krebs )

  • Body Alignment Proprioception ( BAP SIPS )

  • Energetic Structure of Man and the Universe ( Dr Charles Krebs )





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