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 Simon, Thank you so much for the appointment today. Kinesiology is amazing. I was so surprised with the muscles feedback and what causes inbalances in my body. I am truly amazed that my headache and sickness have disappeared. I truely believe Kinesiology works


 Michelle Newport

 Simon has been performing Corporate Massage for 6 years at Toll Ipec, our staff look forward to the benefits that his services provide. We thoroughly recommend Simon to any company that may be considering having Corporate Massage in the workplace.


 Brady Scott 

 My husband Jeff sustained a severe brain injury from a motorbike accident, which left him with multiple fractures with limited flexibility and restricted movement.

  Upon meeting Simon I could clearly see how caring and compassionate he was about his craft, and how he wanted to help people and particularly Jeff in any way he could.

 Simon has been performing massage for Jeff on a weekly basis, it is not only relaxing for Jeff but has therapeutic benefits, thus improving his health and wellbeing. Jeff enjoys his massage it relaxes him and improves his circulation, and he really looks forward to it.

 Jeff's physiotherapist is impressed how Jeffs range of movement has improved over time even remarking how straighter Jeff stands thus reducing her visits, and now only reviews and minor adjustments are required.


 Hazel Oorschot

Simon Burnett has been a close family friend for 5yrs now. i work away for extended periods of time whilst my wife is busy with 2 young girls. 

 Due to the long hours and harsh conditions of the mining industry, I have often returned home sore and/or exhausted and generally worn out. Simon has treated me on a number of times, both informal and clinic based.

 My wife and I use his services and find him to be professional, thoughtful, supplying various complimentary therapies including Bowen, Kinesiology and Remedial Massage for issues such as digestive disorders, muscle pain and joint discomfort, resulting in a high level of satisfaction.

 Our family will continue to use Simons experience and his holistic approach to treatment in the future, which we believe bring ongoing positive and beneficial outcomes to physical distress and general wellbeing.

  I forward my recommendation with upmost respect for Simon as both a professional and a close family friend.


 William Webber


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