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Massage in the Workplace Balances Health with Working Life.



4. It increases Brain power and sharpens the senses.


5. It frees the body, enhances emotional wellbeing and reduces the damaging effects of stress.

It can help backaches, headaches, muscle spasm and pain, reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.


Corporate chair massage has quickly become one of the most popular and requested benefits in the workplace today.


The physical demands of long hours on the computer and the high stress of the marketplace have made stress reduction necessary. This service reduces fatigue and tension for greater productivity and safety.


Whether your company uses it through a regular employee wellness or benefits package, or as part of an incentive program, this type of program can be an asset to your employee engagement strategy and your company branding.


The benefits of On-Site Massage


1. Increased morale and productivity. These benefits are shown to empower workers and positively affect the success of the business.


2. Relief of stress and fatigue.

On-Site massage is an energizing massage, but it also relaxes the muscles and soothes the spirit.


3. It opens the mind and increases alertness.

Massage clears thinking and releases the individual's innate creativity." A 15 minute massage increases alertness and performance.

How Corporate Massage Therapy works...


Typical massage is done in 10-20 minute sesssions and is done through the clothing, aiming at shoulders, neck, back and arms.


Massages are either performed at clients desk ,or in a specially designed chair provided by the therapist.


Appointments are booked in advance.

The company will usually provide a sign up sheet and send a memo to the staff.


I have been performing chair massages in workplaces since 2006 for my own clients and as a subcontractor.

A few of the companies I have worked at during this time include;

  • Horizon Power

  • Dept of Environment and Conservation

  • Vix

  • 6PR radio station

  • Lightning Laundrette

  • Smith Crisps

  • Toll Ipec

  • Guildford Grammar School

  • Perth Convention Center

  • Laminex

  • KSG

  • Peel Health Campus


My seated chair massages incorporate aspects of Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage and Trigger Point Therapy.

I utilize my knowledge of Primative reflexes such as Neck Tonification reflexes and Spinal reflexes, PNF stretching and Bowen Therapy to give a unique exprience to my clients that gets positive results and great feedback consistantly.

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